A Roar Instead of a Yawn – Guide for Bodybuilding Beginners

by Patrick Fusca March 12, 2016 0 Comments

A Roar Instead of a Yawn – Guide for Bodybuilding Beginners

So, you've finally gotten sick of looking at your slobby self in the mirror and have finally made the decision to start paying compliments to your body, strength and general health. Good, but “where do I start?” – you ask yourself. Well, luckily, as well as unfortunately, there is a ton of information available online nowadays. There is much to be learned on the Internet, but the validity of these sources is often brought into question. We’ve come up with this article, to help you get accustomed to the life of a gym rat and, with just a little bit of persistence, you can become the beast you’ve always imagined looking back at you from the mirror.
Find a Proper Gym
This might be easier said than done. It is high time you rid yourself of the common misconception that most gyms are pretty much the same. On the contrary, every workout place varies in terms of equipment quality, customer service, personal trainers and the people who visit. Unfortunately, the true nature of a gym seldom comes out when you’re gym browsing – you need to spend at least a couple of workouts there to get the general vibe of the place. If you don’t feel that the employees are paying enough attention to your needs during your first run, you should simply skip the place altogether. One general piece of advice we can give is to do the first couple of trainings in at least 5 or 6 gyms, not opting to pay for a subscription, but rather a single workout.
Dress to Kill

The general rule of thumb is that it really isn’t important how you dress, as long as your clothes are comfy. Contrary to popular belief, however, clothes actually do matter when you’re working out. If you decide to take your dad’s old Led Zeppelin tee to the gym, you’ll probably get a couple of compliments from the older fellows, but if you buy an racer back singlet, you’ll get to bask in the feeling of tightness, making you feel free, stronger and ready to take on athletic challenges. Aim for athletic cut, soft, comfortable, durable and wrinkle-free high-quality blend apparel, such as T-shirts and Tanks.
Dietary Plan
Now, while you may think you’ve done enough by making a huge proverbial step to reach the gym, we should probably mention that you’ll need to do quite a bit more than this. A proper diet isn’t only beneficial for weight loss and muscle building, but also for the sake of energy. If you haven’t done a fair share of working out in your life (and you really haven’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), chances are that you do not realize the importance of energizing before a training. We suggest a clean, lean, meat, veggies and fruit dietary plan, which will help you wake that inner monster in you. Additionally, using a pre-workout supplement can help you obtain more energy and encourage muscle mass growth.
Training Plan

Finally, we’re at the vital point. You’ll be disappointed, however, to hear our advice: always consult your trusted gym employee. This is the exact reason why we’ve put so much emphasis on choosing a gym with proper employees. Hiring a personal trainer is the best way to properly begin your life as a gym rat. Disappointed? Okay, here’s a couple of training plans to help you get the big picture:
● Muscle & Fitness Complete Beginner’s Training
● Workout for Every Guy: the Beginner’s Workout
You have, indeed, made a huge step in terms of self-respect, by deciding to go to the gym. This, however, is far from enough, but rather a mere beginning. Stick to our advice and always listen to professional trainers – you’ll get a better contoured body and less chance of injury, in return.

Patrick Fusca
Patrick Fusca