Why You Need The Right Gym Wear To Take Your Training To The Next Level

by Patrick Fusca May 10, 2016 0 Comments

The fitness industry is changing and life-bettering innovations are totally redefining the way we used to workout. In this technology-powered era, gyms are getting replaced by the concept of fitness studios and workout clothes are getting substituted by innovational activewear clothing that enhances the workout competences of fitness enthusiasts. Researchers have analyzed that right gymwear is the most important thing for the bodybuilders in order to keep workouts comfortable and productive.

Fictocracy states the significance of workout clothes in a very impressive way:

“You should have workout clothes for the same reason that we have “work clothes” and “weekend clothes,” or why people tend to dress up when they have an important meeting. Your clothing plays an important part in your mindset. When you get dressed in your gym uniform, you are ready to go to the gym and work out! And that’s awesome.”

That is really awesome; treating your sportswear and workout clothes as workout uniform is a very amazing way for maintaining sincerity and discipline with your workout. The purpose of this article is to elucidate the reasons – scientifically and generally – that prove the importance of right gym clothing for taking workouts and trainings to the next level.

Supportive Clothing Helps You Optimize Your Workout Capabilities

If you are feeling uncomfortable and itchy because you are wearing some clothes that are made up of a material that is not workout friendly, you are simply killing your capabilities.  For women, antibacterial and cotton lycra-made garments work perfectly because this material negligibly reduces bacterial growth (which comes from sweat) and are comfortably complementing. This kind of better undergarments protect your muscles and tissues when you are excessively stretching and trying to bring out your inner Jen Selter at the gym. Also mens gym wear follows the same rules in terms of supportive clothing. If you are not wearing a form-fitting cotton/polyester blend shorts; you are simply hurting your family jewels (your balls, yes!). The more supportive clothing you wear at the gym, the more you are capable of performing. Go ahead if you are willing to test the above statements, wear an unsupportive piece of cloth on Monday and then wear something like our Elite Training Shorts on Wednesday. You will witness 20 – 35% increase in your workout ability.


Elevated Self-esteem Sparks Motivation For More Workout

Functionality is one thing, but appearance is another thing that contributes highly in uplifting your training to the next and bigger level. Better-fitting and better-looking clothes inspire you to run, lift or stretch more. Staying in shape has a lot to do with your clothes as it directly motivates you and others around you as well to work out more. When you are in the gym wearing clothes that compliment your biceps, triceps and abs; you are automatically committed to working out more aggressively by pushing your limits and your goals to a higher level. 

Preventing Injuries and Muscle Pain Will Let You Workout Non-stop

We have seen many people who get injured or pull a muscle in the gym. Many times, improper clothing is considered the reason of these kind of misfortunes. There are men who are wearing jeans and the abrasions of a jean creates friction on you outer skin and has no functionality. This creates a lot of hassle while you are out for sports or gym. Your mind may tell you that you should wear less clothes to stay casual and cool but you may not know that covering your body while training helps a great deal. A hoodie or sweatshirt is something you need to look for, as these kind of gym wear keeps your joints and muscles flexible as they are kept warm by the material of these sweatshirts. The warmth also benefits you by improving circulation of blood in the whole body. It is simple, if you don’t get injured, you work out more calmly.

Comfortable Clothing Ensures Safety and Long-term Workouts

When you are a sportsman or sportswoman or gym fanatic, comfort must be your first priority as it guarantees peace of mind and stretching abilities. When you are comfortable in any piece of clothing, you want to wear it again and again (right?). We believe you should take benefit from this psychological habit. The more comfortable you will feel in your gym clothes, the more you will want to go there and sweat yourself out.


Patrick Fusca
Patrick Fusca